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Assessments and real-life examples so that you can leave your current role in a way that maintains your Christian values
Safe, confidential learning space so you’ll gain the confidence you need to know what to do next
Trusted advice from an attorney with over 23 years of experience who’ll provide you with the strategic support to help you move forward with integrity
Information on corporate structures and entrepreneurial paths so that you can sure up your finances as you commit to this exciting (but significant!) transition
Resources to turn your years of experience into your next calling so that you can live a more joyful life that prioritizes your family values 
What To Expect


Are you a religious leader who is burnt out and looking to follow your next great calling?

Want a change, but feel like you are abandoning your calling?

Does your family suffer because the needs of your church always come first?
Are you constantly surrounded by your community and still feel alone?

Are you ready to shift into another role, but aren’t sure what to do?

Take The Next Call™ was designed for YOU!

You are more than just a Pastor.  Don't get caught up in answering the ONE call, put the phone back on the hook and accept that it will ring again! 

"You are a multidimensional person.  The fact that you are a pastor doesn’t mean you are only a pastor or that you must always be a pastor.  Especially if the joy of pastoring has long gone. "

Erika E. Cole   |  The Church Attorney®

Give yourself permission to explore

Register now to secure your spot in the Take The Next Call™ course with Erika Cole. You will find the support you need to take your life, journey and career to the next level in order to live out your purpose.

My 6-week online course will empower you to take control of your journey and fulfill your destiny beyond your church leadership role. 

Community support to share in your triumphs
and struggles
Q&A session from someone who has been where you are now
Complete anonymity from other participants if  desired
Weekly exercises and take home materials
6 weekly, 90 minute group calls through Zoom
What's Included

Meet Erika E. Cole  |

The Church Attorney® 

I have spent the last 23 years serving churches and supporting their missions as a practicing attorney. I know what burnout feels like and can tell you first hand that starting over is not easy. Known as The Church Attorney®, I am now continuing my work as the host of a podcast and a course creator. I aim to show church leaders that burnout is real and they are not alone. Your next great mission is waiting and I can’t wait to help you take the first steps down another meaningful path.

The wait list is now open for the next session of the Take The Next Call™ course which will be starting in May 2022. Register in advance to be the first to know all the details! 

May 2022 Course Meeting Information 

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